NYE in Conconully cover

My newest book is a short story, New Year’s Eve in Conconully, now available at AmazonSmashwords, and all major retailers.  It takes place not long after the events chronicled in Sojourn, the first Tale of the Unearthly Northwest.

In a place outside of time, the magic keeping a ghost town alive is beginning to alter. Bringing in two newcomers has caused a
welcome renewal of life here. But every action has a reaction, and the consequences are far beyond what Conconully’s accidental
magician ever expected.

My blog, where I post about pretty much everything from walks in the woods to my latest quilt, in addition to information about my works in progress, is here.  My librarian roots show through in my pathfinder pages, with lots of information about the when and where of my books.  I’ve been to many of the places I write about, too, and love to share photos of where my characters lived.