11 years ago, Day 55

Fourteen rolls of film.  Fourteen rolls of film.  That’s how many photos I had developed eleven years ago today.  We’d dropped them off on our way to Rome the day before, and, after H drove me around parts of Atlanta, we stopped to pick them up.

Atlanta was a nice place to be in late October — if I ever was to go back there, I think I’d try to choose either that or early spring.  The temperatures were in the low seventies, and the air was nice and dry.  None of the humidity that I’d dealt with in my one previous visit there.  But of course that was for the American Library Association conference in 1991, and the ALA conference usually takes place around the Fourth of July, usually in the hottest, most humid place the conference committee can come up with.  They have the January midwinter conference in Chicago, for balance. 

We drove around Emory University, and through a ritzy part of town called, oddly enough for a city in the heart of the Bible Belt, Druid Hills.  H didn’t know the origin of the name, I made a note to check and find out if I could, then never did.  [googles cursorily]  Nope.  If anyone does know where the name came from, I’d be most curious to know…

Then, finally, the camera store opened (it was Sunday eleven years ago today, too), and we went to pick my film up.  Then we went to a pub and spent the rest of the afternoon going through all 504 (14×36) photos.  I was very pleased with how most of them turned out, too.  And it was fun showing H (who if she wasn’t actually fascinated, gave a very good impression of being so) where all I’d been.  We then stopped by her office where she scanned a few of them onto a disk for me and went back to her place, where she got herself ready for her workweek, and I gathered myself together for the next leg of my trip.