11 years ago today, Day 56

I wasn’t very impressed with Stone Mountain, Georgia:

For one thing, it cost me six bucks just to go in and take a picture.  For another, it wasn’t nearly as magnificent as Mt. Rushmore.  But I was curious, and satisfied that curiosity before I left Atlanta that morning.  End of that story.

I headed around Atlanta and south to Warm Springs, Georgia, the site of my third and last Long Trip encounter with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, at his little White House:

Warm Springs is the site of a then rundown little health resort where FDR went to bathe in the mineral springs in hopes that it would help the paralysis left from his bout of polio.  There’s a wonderful HBO movie about FDR and his polio, partially filmed on this site, starring my favorite actor Kenneth Branagh, who did a terrific job despite the fact that he looks nothing like FDR through the face.  The movie is called Warm Springs, oddly enough.

Warm Springs itself was a fascinating place.  I spent several hours there, going through the little White House, and through the museum, where I saw, among many other things, FDR’s hand-controlled car:

And strolled down a walkway lined with stones, one from each state in the Union, that led to a rather lovely fountain:

After I left Warm Springs, I drove down through Columbus, Georgia, where I stopped to run a couple of errands, and then down into Alabama, to the town of Enterprise, where I spent the night.

Enterprise has since, unfortunately, had its fifteen minutes of fame in the form of a tornado that struck and completely destroyed its high school in 2007, killing nine people, injuring many others.

Somehow I managed to miss the Boll Weevil Monument, though.  And I drove on both the Lewis Grizzard Highway (Grizzard was a very funny newspaper columnist), and the Billy Watson Highway.  I never did figure out who Billy Watson was at the time [googles].  Nope.  Still nothing.  Anyone know?  I’d be grateful…