a new exhibit

Doesn’t look a day over 150, does it?
The Job Carr Cabin Museum is ten years old this year.  The original cabin was built in 1865.  After being moved several times and allowed to deteriorate, it finally bit the dust a number of years ago.
In the late 1990s, a group of civic leaders got together and decided that it was a shame that the first building in the city of Tacoma, Washington, had vanished (or, more likely, given our climate, rotted away).  So they decided to build a replica.  Fortunately, because Tacoma’s first settler had a son who was a photographer, they were able to replicate the old cabin accurately.
It was built in 2000.  Unlike the original, which was built by hand, by one man, the builders of the copy had access to modern building tools.  And a crane.  I suspect Job would have given his eyeteeth for that crane.
I will be putting a display together in the cabin’s two exhibit cases, telling the story of the reconstruction of Job’s cabin. 
I hope you’ll be interested to follow along as I construct this exhibit!