Almost there.

Well, I knew everything was going too smoothly. I’ve been offline since yesterday because setting up my computer connections for while I’m on the road turned into a headache the size of Mt. Rushmore. They’re working okay now, sorta. At least I do seem to be getting email and am able to send it, thank goodness.

The next time I’ll be online is somewhere on the road with wifi. Probably not for at least a day or two. My home internet is shutting down sometime tomorrow.

Also, there was a small hiccup with the closing, resulting in it getting delayed by one day. Which, combined with the holiday weekend, means that the wire transfer isn’t going to happen until Tuesday.

Given that I plan on hitting the road tomorrow as soon as the movers are done, that’s not the greatest thing on the planet. I’d have preferred to be able to confirm things before I left. But there’s nothing to be done about it, and hanging around in an empty house for two more days and then finding somewhere else to be for two more days after that isn’t ideal, either.

Here’s hoping I’m not the only goofed up wire transfer in my realtor’s 20 years of doing business <wry g>.

Also? Insomnia sucks eggs. Hopefully that will resolve itself after tomorrow.

Good thoughts would be most appreciated!