And the New Thing begins

So.  As you know, I finished the manuscript for Much Ado in Montana last week.  I’ve still got my new! beta reader’s comments to go through and my excellent copy editor’s comments to receive and go through, but the new! cover designer has finished the front cover, which looks terrific (I’ll show it to you as soon as I can), and is waiting patiently for me to quit dithering over the blurb and send it and a few other details to her so she can create the spine and the back cover.  Making progress, and aiming for a print and electronic pubdate of the first of April.

And yesterday I started the New Thing!  Only 100+ words yesterday, and a lot of “who the heck are you and why did you choose me to tell your story” blithering.  But over 1000 words today.  No, I don’t know why young Stephen Thomas Canning, lately of Savannah, Georgia, who decided to travel West in search of a better climate to help cure his consumption in the spring of 1885, chose me to take his dictation, but I’m not arguing.  I rather like the guy so far.

I love starting a new story.  It’s fun.

Can’t say I’m enjoying researching the history of tuberculosis treatment in the 19th century, though.  Oh, well.  It’s no worse than killing someone off via gangrene from a gunshot wound was in Repeating HistoryThen again, not much would be.