Baby quilts

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I can’t count the number of baby quilts I’ve made since 1987, when I first learned to quilt. Seriously. Between friends and relatives and relatives of friends and friends of relatives, I’ve probably made thirty or more. But for some reason I almost always forget to photograph them before they go out the door. So I only have pictures of five of them. You’ll just have to take my word for the rest, including the two Peter Rabbit-themed ones I made back-to-back one year.

Dante’s quilt

Made for my great-nephew Dante. The picture is of the just-layered top, and it’s a nine-patch with alternating plain squares. I did hand quilt it before giving it to him.

Cicily’s quilt

Made for my great-niece Cicily. This is one way to handle a large scale panel or print. Hand-quilted.

Grayson’s quilt

Made for my ex-next-door-neighbor’s first child. Machine-quilted.

Libby’s quilt

Made for my great-niece Libby. Flowery fabric was requested. Simple star alternated with a four-patch variation. Hand-quilted.

Emmitt’s quilt

Made for for the great-grandson of my friend Loralee. Another large scale print. Hand-quilted.

Elliott’s quilt

Made for Emmitt’s new baby brother.  It’s a good thing to always have a baby quilt top ready to be quilted just in case you need one.

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