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Almost there.

Well, I knew everything was going too smoothly. I’ve been offline since yesterday because setting up my computer connections for while I’m on the road turned into a headache the size of Mt. Rushmore. They’re working okay now, sorta. At least I do seem to be getting email and am able to send it, thank goodness.

The next time I’ll be online is somewhere on the road with wifi. Probably not for at least a day or two. My home internet is shutting down sometime tomorrow.

Also, there was a small hiccup with the closing, resulting in it getting delayed by one day. Which, combined with the holiday weekend, means that the wire transfer isn’t going to happen until Tuesday.

Given that I plan on hitting the road tomorrow as soon as the movers are done, that’s not the greatest thing on the planet. I’d have preferred to be able to confirm things before I left. But there’s nothing to be done about it, and hanging around in an empty house for two more days and then finding somewhere else to be for two more days after that isn’t ideal, either.

Here’s hoping I’m not the only goofed up wire transfer in my realtor’s 20 years of doing business <wry g>.

Also? Insomnia sucks eggs. Hopefully that will resolve itself after tomorrow.

Good thoughts would be most appreciated!

no annual annual shopping

You know what’s been really hard about this?  One of the silliest things that’s been really hard?

No annual annual shopping.  This is the time of year when I normally go to my local garden center and buy up my annuals for the summer.

No annuals for me this year.  It’s a small price to pay.

I’ll just have to make sure and hit lots of gardens on my journey.

The back garden of my condo, in early May 2006, almost two years after I moved in.
The back garden of my condo, in early May 2006, almost two years after I moved in.



oh, the boxes

And more boxes.  And more boxes.  And how on earth did my computer desk come to hold so much stuff???  Oh, and wow, were the hidden corners of that desk dusty.

That said, the efficacy of having a fabric stash for wrapping delicate objects is once again a really good thing.  The plastic file cabinet drawers I use for storing said stash are also good as box substitutes for said objects.

Making progress.  Moving like a herd of turtles, as my Appalachian-raised friend used to say.  I need another walk.  My back is starting to ache a bit (and no, I do know how to use my legs to lift stuff — this is mostly a bending over kind of ache, which a walk will help).

less than three weeks

So.  I’m still on schedule to hit the road on May 28th.  We’ve had the inspection, the things they wanted done that I can do or have done are done, and the condo association handyman will be here on Thursday to take care of the things that he needs to do.  The appraiser will be here on Friday.  And after that, it’s less than two weeks before closing.

I’ve begun buying traveling gear I don’t have already (not much, actually — I needed to replace my sleeping bag, among other things), some online (all of which should arrive by next week) and some in the store.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Merlin:


Yes, that’s his name.  If I ever have him painted green, then a Merlin is a small falcon.  In the meantime he’s named after a wizard 🙂   He’s a Ford Transit Connect, the short wheel base cargo version, which means he has two bucket seats and a 4′ x4′ x6′ space behind them.  He’s actually more fun to drive than you’d think he would be.

And my condo is filling up with boxes, which are gradually filling up with my belongings.  I packed up a good chunk of my sewing room yesterday, and I’m going to finish that today if I can.  My best friend’s daughter’s SO and another friend both work for grocery stores, so I am not hurting for packing boxes.

Nerves are starting to get to be a bit much.  Seventeen more days till closing, eighteen more till the movers get here, and nineteen more till I have to be out of the house.


that was fast

I have signed paperwork on my condo.  Eight showings in three days and four offers later, I’m very happy with the deal I got.

When they say the Puget Sound area is a seller’s market, they mean it, is all I have to say.

If all goes well and the deal doesn’t fall through, I will be moved out by May 28th, and on the road shortly thereafter.

Can we say holy cow, boys and girls?  And try not to bounce off of the ceiling???

I am not fond

West Texas
Along the highway in west Texas, fall, 1999

Of the kind of platitudes like, “If one door closes, another opens,” or “every ending is a new beginning.”

I also hate how you have to end some things to start new ones.

But I’ll be 57 years old next week (how the heck did that happen???), and there are things I will regret not doing, and I don’t have too many more years before I won’t be able to do them at all.

So.  I have made two, no, three concrete steps towards ending some things so that I can start some new ones.  In ascending order, from least to most scary.

First.  I test drove and have about decided on a new vehicle.  My current car is 10 years old with 123,000 miles on it.  It’s time.  Also, the new vehicle will facilitate the rest of my plans.

Second.  I have started de-cluttering my condo, so that I can put everything in storage.  I also need to figure out what to do with my cat, but much as I’d like to take him with me, I suspect that’s not practical.

Third.  I just spoke with a real estate agent.  I don’t want to leave my condo empty for that long, plus I don’t need to be making mortgage/HOA payments on an empty house.  Plus, as some folks already know, there are other reasons I need to move, and those reasons were basically the straw and camel’s back thing.

Once the condo is sold and the new vehicle is purchased, I am going to hit the road, the way I did in 1999, the journey that resulted in Cross-Country.  For at least three months, possibly longer.  Last time I went across the northern part of the U.S. to Vermont, down the east coast to Florida, and back across the South to California and on home.  This time I’m going to go across the center of the U.S. to the Other Washington (D.C.), up the east coast to Prince Edward Island, and back west across Canada.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I get back, but I do know I will be coming back.  I can only live so long without looking at Mt. Rainier, after all.

Deep breath.  Here we go…