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Repeating History gets a new listing

RH 300 coverRepeating History has a new listing, at Science Fiction Romance‘s website.  When the person who reads the books and vets them for the site responded positively to my request, she said, and I quote, “The romance in it is on the light side, so I flagged it as Love
Story. It was a well-written, historically researched time-travel, though.”

A frustrating discussion

Dear Author is one of my favored places for finding new-to-me good reads.  They write interesting opinion pieces, too, and the above is one of those.

And I just want to say — while of course I appreciate positive reviews, I appreciate honesty in reviewing even more.  So, just in case  anyone out there didn’t realize it, I will not react badly to a negative review.  At least not to anyone but the cats.

Cross-Country garners a terrific review

Whilst doing some housekeeping on my Amazon pages this afternoon, I clicked on Cross-Country‘s page and discovered a really wonderful new review.

I am still new enough at being a published writer that when a perfect stranger writes words like these about my own words, it pleases me more than I can say.  I suspect I will always be new enough at this to feel that way when this happens.

Oh, and when I wrote Mr. Frauenfelder to thank him, it turns out he’s written a longer version of the review on his own blog.

Sometimes things are so much niftier than they have any right to be.

a new year’s giveaway

To celebrate our arrival in 2014, I am giving away five ebook copies of your choice of my books.   My only request is that if you’re one of the five winners, you post a review on Amazon when you’re done reading.

To enter, leave a comment talking about the best book you read in 2013. Make sure I have a way to contact you. I’ll draw five winners at random in a week or so.

Winners will receive a coupon for the free book through Smashwords, which provides plenty of formats, including for the Kindle. And since there’s no shipping costs, that means there are no geographic restrictions on who can enter.

Please spread the word, and start out the new year with a new book to read!

Repeating History listed at The Fussy Librarian — and on sale for a week

Repeating History, the first Time in Yellowstone novel, is being featured Monday, December 16th at The Fussy Librarian, a new website that offers personalized ebook recommendations, in the historical fiction category.  You can read the first chapter here for free.

In honor of that listing, I have dropped the price of Repeating History‘s e-version from $5.99 to $2.99 for the week starting tomorrow Saturday the 14th, to run till the 21st, at Amazon and Smashwords.

I’m really excited about being part of this service.  I hope you’ll find many interesting books there.  I’ve already found a few myself.

Repeating History 400 cover