History of Helena & Bozeman (Fort Ellis), Montana


Most of these are only available locally or through interlibrary loan.  The Bozeman books are available through the Gallatin Pioneer
Museum, see link below, and the Helena books are available through the Montana Book and Toy Company.

Axline, Jon, et al, More from the Quarries of Last Chance Gulch, More From the Quarries of Last Chance Gulch, Vol. 2, and More from the Quarries of Last Chance Gulch, Vol. 3.  1995, 1996, and 1998, Helena Independent Record, Helena, Montana. Stories of the early days of Helena.  The name Last Chance Gulch refers to the city’s original name as a mining camp.

Baumler, Ellen, Nancy Robinson and Karen Sturm, Camp to Capital, Step into Helena’s Past.  2003, Helena Education Foundation.  A staplebound (32 p.) walking tour of historic Helena buildings, put together for local schools.

Schroeder, John W. and James R. Graff, Historic Helena:  An
Early-Day Photographic History of Montana’s Scenic Capital City
.  1964, third printing 1978, Thurber Printing Company, Helena, Montana. A compilation of historic photographs, with informative captions.

Seibel, Dennis, Fort Ellis Montana Territory, 1867-1886, The Fort that Guarded Bozeman.  1996, The Gallatin County Historical Society. A slim staplebound booklet (50 p.) that discusses long-gone Fort Ellis and its history.

Smith, Phyllis, Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley:  A History1996, 2002, Twodot Press, an imprint of the Globe Pequot Press, Helena, Montana and Guilford, Connecticut.  A large, well-produced history of not only Bozeman, but many of the surrounding communities.


http://mhs.mt.govThe Montana Historical Society.  In addition to a wonderful museum and terrific research library (with a large collection of historical Yellowstoniana and some very helpful librarians) in Helena, the Society has an enormous informative website and puts out a quarterly magazine.

http://www.helenahistory.org/ Many pictures of historical Helena with informative captions.

http://www.pioneermuseum.org/ The Gallatin County
Historical Society’s Pioneer Museum and library.

The Yellowstone Gateway Museum in Livingston, Montana, covering the early history of Yellowstone as well as the region of Montana just north of the park.