home again, home again

Jiggety-jog, as my mother used to say.

Our last day on the road mostly consisted of beautiful fog-swept beaches and one disappointment before we cut back over to I-5 and booked the rest of the way.

The disappointment was the fact that Heceta Head lighthouse’s entire park was closed.  We did get a picture of it from the pullout on 101, but I was really hoping to take the hike up to the keeper’s cottage and the actual lighthouse in order to get some good digital photos of it.  The last time I’d been through here I was still shooting film.

The lighthouse is that white dot on the cliff, and if you look just below the second hump, down in the fog, you can barely see the keeper’s cottage.

But the rest of the morning, when we stopped at the Cape Perpetua visitor center and also at several pullouts along the highway to admire the beaches and seastacks, was wonderful.

I think that’s Cape Perpetua in the background, but I wouldn’t swear to it.
Somewhere between Yachats and Newport.
With added pelicans.

At Newport we cut east to Corvallis and I-5, where we ate lunch, then headed up the highway, just beating the rush hour traffic in Portland, and on home.

It was a good trip, all in all, but I think we were both glad to be back.