I am not fond

West Texas
Along the highway in west Texas, fall, 1999

Of the kind of platitudes like, “If one door closes, another opens,” or “every ending is a new beginning.”

I also hate how you have to end some things to start new ones.

But I’ll be 57 years old next week (how the heck did that happen???), and there are things I will regret not doing, and I don’t have too many more years before I won’t be able to do them at all.

So.  I have made two, no, three concrete steps towards ending some things so that I can start some new ones.  In ascending order, from least to most scary.

First.  I test drove and have about decided on a new vehicle.  My current car is 10 years old with 123,000 miles on it.  It’s time.  Also, the new vehicle will facilitate the rest of my plans.

Second.  I have started de-cluttering my condo, so that I can put everything in storage.  I also need to figure out what to do with my cat, but much as I’d like to take him with me, I suspect that’s not practical.

Third.  I just spoke with a real estate agent.  I don’t want to leave my condo empty for that long, plus I don’t need to be making mortgage/HOA payments on an empty house.  Plus, as some folks already know, there are other reasons I need to move, and those reasons were basically the straw and camel’s back thing.

Once the condo is sold and the new vehicle is purchased, I am going to hit the road, the way I did in 1999, the journey that resulted in Cross-Country.  For at least three months, possibly longer.  Last time I went across the northern part of the U.S. to Vermont, down the east coast to Florida, and back across the South to California and on home.  This time I’m going to go across the center of the U.S. to the Other Washington (D.C.), up the east coast to Prince Edward Island, and back west across Canada.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I get back, but I do know I will be coming back.  I can only live so long without looking at Mt. Rainier, after all.

Deep breath.  Here we go…