June 18: This trip’s disaster?

So.  It’s not a dislocated rib.  It’s a cracked rib.  Nothing to be done but take painkillers and be patient.  It should be fine in 4-6 weeks, which means about the time I get to DC I should be in good shape again.

This throws a whole parade of monkey wrenches into the machinery, not the least of which is that I won’t be able to camp for the duration, which is going to make this trip quite a bit more expensive than I had planned.  Nothing I can’t handle, but not how I wanted to spend the money.  Not to mention that I really like camping, and it’s why I bought the van in the first place.  Well, there will still be at least a couple of months for camping again once I’m well.

I’ve bought an industrial-sized bottle of Advil (the generic coatings don’t like my stomach, and prescription painkillers and I have a long and unhappy history).  Wrapping, according to the AMA, is now frowned upon, so that’s that.

On the bright side, it does not hurt to drive.  Merlin’s driver’s seat is very ergonomic for me (hits my back and seat in all the right places), and handling the controls does not hurt at all.

Also on the bright side, this is much better than my first Long Trip’s Official Disaster, which was rolling my car out in the Mojave Desert — you can read about that here, if you like.

Worse things have happened.  I’m not going to let this ruin things.  But please, don’t anyone tell my mother what happened [g].