Klondike photos

I haven’t been to the Yukon since I was fourteen, and so have no
photographs of my own.

Eric Hegg photo links

These are links to photos in the Eric Hegg collection at the University of Washington.  Eric Hegg used glass plate photography to take
hundreds of photos of the stampede, and his is one of the best visual
records we have of that time and place.  I modeled my photographer character on him, and these photos depict various locations in True Gold.  Click on the links to see the photos.

The beach at Dyea.

A snowy view of the approach to the Golden Staircase.

A view of the Golden Staircase.  Maybe this was the one Eric showed to Karin.

From the top of the Golden Staircase.

Customs at Chilkoot Pass.

Ice sailing across Crater Lake.

The tent city at Lake Bennett.

Caribou Crossing.

The landing just before Miles Canyon.

The White Horse.

Hegg and his party along the river.

Sailing down the Yukon River.

Steamboat at Five Fingers Rapids.

The everpresent crowds in Dawson.

Steamboat arrival at Dawson City.

Other photos in the public domain of the
Klondike region then and now.

Click on the photos to go to their original websites.

A modern aerial view of Dawson City.

A historical view of Dawson.

The junction of the Yukon and the Forty Mile River, on the way to the Klondike.

The following photos are taken from
stereoptican reproductions.

A historical Dawson street scene.

Bonanza and Eldorado creeks, where the original gold strikes were made.

Mining vignette.

Another vignette.

No wonder Karin eschewed skirts for men’s clothing.