Making serious progress

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A 7000+ word week last week.  Which counts as one of my best weeks ever.

An idea for a short story in the Unearthly Northwest universe, at three in the morning on Sunday night (after one of the most fun football games I’ve ever watched).  Tentatively titled, “New Year’s Eve in Conconully.”

And a 3000+ (yes, that’s three zeros)-word day yesterday.  Which blows my former record (somewhere under 2000) clear out of the water.  Over 1500 on Reunion (for a total of five and a half chapters — I think a manuscript with five chapters deserves to be italicized like a proper book title, don’t you?) and over 1400 on the short story.

Today, so far?  Over 1300 on Reunion, so six full chapters now, and plans to plow through as many words on the short story as possible this afternoon.

The goal is to have the story done by the 28th, so that I can give free ARCs to my mailing list people.  Who now number more than twenty.  And then to create a cover, see if my copy editor has time to take a look at it, format it, and give KDP Direct a shot with it.  Then we’ll see what happens for ninety days.