Marketing Resources

This is an ongoing list of every self-publishing marketing resource I run across, in no particular order. Some are from the book Write, Publish, Repeat, by Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt. Some are from my own online searches on the subject. It's not much yet, but I will be adding to it as I find more resources (and will be marking them off as I do them so I can keep track). I am making no attempt to rank them, and they are here primarily for my own use, but if you find them useful, or know of any I've missed, please contact me.

My Amazon author page obviously -- to remind me to tweak my author and book pages.

My Smashwords author page -- ditto

My CreateSpace books list -- ditto

Goodreads -- a reminder to keep my author page updated.

LibraryThing -- I need to establish a presence there, or at least an author page and possibly a giveaway

My LinkedIn page -- another update reminder link

Wattpad, for posting stuff I don't mind having out there for free.

A huge list of places to post about my books.

Digital Books Today

Manic Readers

Self-Publishing Review

Indie Reader

Story Bundle

Western e-books

Kindle boards


Mutt Online

Romance Reviews

ALLiís Top Tips for Reaching Readers in 2013 -- another list of possibilities with how-tos

Nokbok -- a subscription service who contacted me, but I'm still waiting for them to respond to some of my questions before I consider them.

Below is a list of reminders that don't necessarily have links to them, of marketing things I can do:

Redo the CTA at the end of my ebooks and make the links clickable

Work on the funnel thing.

Add an email address to the About the Author pages in the back of my books.