Midwest Book Review

Well, I’ve done something completely new, at least for me.  I had ordered some more print copies of my books from CreateSpace, mostly for a local signing I’m going to be doing on March 18th, and they arrived today.

The last time I ordered copies from CreateSpace, it took them three weeks to arrive, so I was allowing plenty of time for them to get here.  This time it took three days.  Go figure.

Anyway, I’ve been dithering about sending Repeating History to the Midwest Book Review for a while because you have to send them the print version, and now that I have some spare copies, I thought, why not now?  So I put together a press release, and I wrote a cover letter (both required), and I packed up the requisite two copies, and I will mail the package off tomorrow.

Here’s hoping they decide to review it.  Bookstores and libraries read the Midwest Book Review — it’s one of the few review sources that concentrates on small press and indie published books that can say that.

Oh, and the signing?  I’ll be one of a group of several female historical writers who will be a part of a program (no, I’m not the speaker, thank all the gods) celebrating women’s history month, put on by the Lakewood Historical Society.   Good times.

Here’s how I introduced Repeating History in the cover letter:

Repeating History is a time travel novel set in the Old West, specifically the early years of Yellowstone National Park.  It takes place back in the days when to be a tourist in the park was to take your life in your hands.  This was not only because of natural hazards like geysers and bears, but because of the flight of the Nez Perce Indians through the Yellowstone country on their way to Canada in 1877, not to mention the soldiers pursuing them.

I like to say that Repeating History is ninety percent history, ten percent fantasy.  I believe it would appeal to those who enjoy coming of age stories, the Old West, and those who enjoy a romance along with their history and adventure.

Hopefully that’s enticing enough…