Much Ado in Montana’s first review!

Is here, on Amazon.  I wasn’t going to launch anything until tomorrow, but now seems like a terrific time to tell everyone that it’s available as a Kindle book on Amazon, an ebook in lots of formats from Smashwords, and as a paper book on CreateSpace.  Other retailers, both E and paper, are coming soon.

All bets are off

Tara Hillerman has lived in tiny, remote Campbell, Montana, all of her life, except for the college years she’d like to forget.  Back where she belongs, she won’t leave again, even on a bet.  Dr. Tim Swanson only came home from Seattle to talk his ailing father into shutting down the clinic he can no longer manage.  He definitely won’t stay, not even on a bet.

But neither of them anticipated their explosive reunion.  No one expected Tim’s father would come too close to ruining their best friends’ lives, either, and when Tara bets Tim that he can set things straight, she doesn’t realize he means with her, for a lifetime.