new occasional cats

Warning. Terminal cuteness ahead.

As most of my readers know, I used to have two elderly male cats, both of whom passed away earlier this year.

I don’t know if sufficient time has passed, but I do know that I am not a happy camper when I’m catless. And so, now that I’m back from a two-week trip that had been planned for a couple of years, I have gone to the the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County today, and came home with two new housemates!

This is Elli
This is Elena

They’re named after two characters in the Miles Vorkosigan science fiction series by Lois McMaster Bujold.  Actually, they’re named after two of the former girlfriends of the titular character [g].

I had thought I wanted male kittens, because I’d had such good luck with the last pair (the late, lamented Morgan and Linnet), but these two sort of looked at me and said, aren’t you taking us home?  Which may be why I couldn’t come up with any male name possibilities over the last couple of weeks. 

Anyway, they’re settling in, if you can call playing popcorn kitten for the last two solid hours settling in.

Here’s my best attempt so far at a photo of the two of them together.  At least it shows you how much darker Elli is than Elena…

Elli is on the left on the cushioned chair, Elena is on the right in the non-cushioned chair

It is so wonderful not to be catless anymore!