new quilt

I just finished a quilt on Saturday.  This is not what I plan to blog about usually, but it was a good excuse to see if all my mirroring thingamajigs work on my blog.  So you get to see a quilt.

autumn throw

I’ve been calling it Autumn Throw, for obvious reasons.  It’s not bed-sized, just 50″ square.  The eight leaf/berry blocks are cut from a panel I picked up a while back.  The five textured tan-colored squares each has a quilted motif in it, which unfortunately doesn’t show up in the photo (the texture you do see is the fabric print).  The whole thing is hand-quilted, which is usual for me (I enjoy hand quilting — I do not enjoy wrestling elephants through keyholes, which is how I describe machine quilting).

I’ve had a falling out with the person I originally intended to give it to when I began piecing it (and, no, I’m not sure why I went ahead and finished it, but there you are), so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it now.  I’d like to give it to charity — to an organization that would auction it or otherwise use it to raise money.  I have a couple of leads, but we’ll see.  I’m not giving it away right away.