Once upon a time on a trip to Alaska, day 25

Homer Spit Campground, Homer, Alaska

Monday, July 9, 1973

The day was bookended by fishing.  Unfruitful fishing, alas.

In between, we did the groceries and laundry thing, then went to the Homer museum, which is now known as the Pratt Museum, and famous (in museum circles, at least) for its exhibits about the oil industry in Alaska, and about the infamous Exxon-Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound in 1989.  The museum has obviously grown and changed greatly in 39 years.  I remember it as being a tiny place in what was obviously a converted house.

I bought a book in the museum’s gift shop called Alaska Harvest.  It is a children’s novel set in the area, about crab fishing and, as I remember it, an interesting young woman.  I don’t have my copy any more, which is too bad.  I’d like to reread it one of these days.

In the afternoon we went up on a road called Skyline Drive.

The view from Skyline Drive.
And another

As I wrote in masterful understatement in my diary, “it was real pretty.”

Then we came back to the campground, ate supper, and fished the long summer twilight away.

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