I’m strictly an amateur photographer.  But when I’m at a location
doing research for a book, I find taking photographs as reminders of what the place looks like very useful.  And enjoyable.

If you’d like to see photos of the locations in my books, to see what they really look like, please take a look at the pages below.

Yellowstone — these are photos of locations in Repeating History, “Homesick,” and Finding Home.

The Klondike — these are photos of locations in True Gold.  I
haven’t been to the Yukon since I was fourteen, a very long time ago, so these are all links to photos on other websites.

Cross-Country’s photos — these are the color versions of the black and white photos in the paperback edition of Cross-Country.

The Okanogan Country — these photos are of locations and other important bits in Sojourn, “New Year’s Eve in Conconully,” and