Today I sowed seeds, an annual ritual, of course, and one that my poor Morgan does not appreciate.  They take up his favorite windowsill, you see:
But he’s very good about not disturbing them.  Well, except for the couple of times I planted morning glories.  Apparently their hallucinogenic properties are just too much to be resisted.  Every time I planted them, I had to put them out of his reach, otherwise he eats them to the ground every time they dare grow an inch.  Since they don’t do well in my garden, anyway, I’ve given up on them in spite of the fact that I love them (along with almost every other blue-without-a-hint-of-purple flower I can grow). 
So.  What kinds of seeds are in my 17 little pots?  Linaria, larkspur, and hollyhocks, mimulus, bachelor’s buttons, and Rocky Mountain columbine (the blue kind), Signet marigolds and godetia.  All standbys except for the mimulus and columbine.  I grew the mimulus once before and liked it, and the trouble with the standard varieties of columbine is that I always seem to end up with every color but the blue.
So it must be just about spring.  Only two months till it will be time to plant the seedlings in my yard. 
What’s your favorite harbinger of spring?
Morgan’s is when his windowsill is his again:
One of these days I’ll have to take a picture of him on it.