Pulling weeds — a sign of spring

You know it’s been a helluva week when even pulling weeds isn’t cathartic enough.  On the bright side, this is the first weekend the weather’s been decent enough to get out there — sunny and (barely) warm enough to have all the windows open.

Actually, technically it isn’t, except that the bathroom exhaust fan, which has to run for several hours daily to keep the air fresh in my condo (it’s designed to do this since this place is what they call energy-tight, and it has a timer and everything), died last night after getting louder and louder the last couple of days.  I do have someone coming in on Monday to take a look at it, but until then I’m opening the windows as much as I can whether it’s too cold or not (60dF isn’t too cold for open windows, right?).

But back to the weeding.  My garden has four ubiquitous weeds (these species don’t account for all the weeds in my garden, but the first three in particular account for about 90% of them).

Buttercups, which have runners sort of like strawberry plants on steroids.

Bittercress, which looks sort of like watercress only — what’s the opposite of on steroids?  Anyway, it’s puny.   But it also produces a tiny white flower that rapidly turns into a seedpod that will deploy dozens of seeds for several yards in any direction if so much as touched, so it needs to be yanked before it does that.

Ladies’ bedstraw, which is evil, because it grows all twisty and turny through everything else, is sticky, and will break at the slightest provocation unless you get hold of it at the very base then pull so gently as to be almost imperceptible.

And, of course, dandelions.  Does any garden not have dandelions?  And, wow, that photo makes them look a lot prettier than they really are.

At least I don’t have bindweed in this garden the way I did in my last one (she says, crossing her fingers).

So, the back flower bed is weeded and ready for sowing cold-hardy annual seeds, which I will do on Monday because it’s supposed to rain on Tuesday and that will wash the seeds in and give them a good start.  I will be sowing poppies, candytuft, bachelor’s buttons, linaria, and godetia.

Now I just need to cathart (is that a word?) myself some more.  The front flower bed awaits.