so much

For my new year’s goal to get my blogging back up to speed again.

I thought I was coming down to crunch time on the exhibit project, but due to circumstances which are due to someone else’s deadlines, it looks like the exhibit is not going to open until March (it was originally scheduled to open in mid-February, then the end of February).  I’m ambivalent about this.  I’m about to the point where I want to get it finished, but then again, two to four more weeks of a chance to improve on what I’ve already got done is nothing to sneeze at, either.

The photo curation project has acquired several volunteers.  My good friend L donated a few hours of her time, and one of the members of the collections committee (except for me, this is an all-volunteer organization) has been giving me about six hours a week of his time, too.  Then there’s the college student whose school requires her to do a certain amount of volunteer work between semesters.  So I have her for about fifteen hours a week for the next couple of weeks.  All of a sudden the work is going much faster than it had been.  Having someone to a) label photos and their sleeves before I catalog them on the computer, and b) scan the photos after I’ve done the cataloging, has really sped up the process.  Quite amazing.

I’ve never been on the “working with volunteers” end of the spectrum as opposed to “being one of the volunteers” before.  Anyone have any good advice on the subject?