Something I never really thought I’d see

On an agent’s blog:

Rejections from agents or general trade editors is hardly ever a measure of the quality of your work.  If you’ve gotten a lot of those, look at other ways of getting your work in front of readers.

This makes me believe that the publishing world honestly is beginning to change.  Speaking as someone who is finally getting up the courage to self-publish my books, that first sentence is the antithesis of what I’ve been internalizing for the last ten years or so.  To read that in a “traditional” agent’s blog validates the route I’ve decided to take.  Mind, I would have taken this route, anyway, as on a personal level I need more control over my career than traditional publishing would give me (which is also why I am a former librarian and currently an independent curator and exhibit designer in my other life), but it’s incredibly good to see this right now.