starting again

Now that I’m back from Yellowstone, and my last day of classes in the museum studies program is this coming Saturday, it’s time to start some new projects.
First, I am now officially job-hunting in the museum field.  My resumé is here, and if you know of any openings for anything in the museum world within commuting distance of Tacoma, Washington, I would be grateful if you’d comment here.  Or email me.  Or phone me.  Or send me a carrier pigeon [g].  I am primarily looking for a position where I can work with collections, but I know since I’m being choosy geographically that I’ll be lucky to find a position in the museum world, period.  I’m also M.M. Justus on LinkedIn, although I haven’t done much with that yet.  Another thing to work on.

On a completely different note, I am this close to done with the half of the True Gold that takes place in the Klondike.  When I finish it, hopefully by the end of June, I will be starting on the other half of the book, which takes place back in Yellowstone and Helena, Montana, the settings of Repeating History, with a completely different point of view character.  When I have finished that half, I will be putting the two stories together in alternating chapters, and weaving them together at the end.  It’s going to be complicated.  Wish me luck.

And on one last again completely different note, I have finally started piecing the new quilt that’s been in the planning stages for a very long time.  It is a Storm at Sea pattern, but I am doing it in flame colors, and with an unusual color arrangement, mostly to avoid needing “light red,” otherwise known as pink, which is not a flame color.  This is what, with any luck, it will look like someday:

As of today, these are the nine blocks I’ve got pieced, but not sewn to each other yet:
Everything about this quilt so far has been a challenge.  Flame colors are completely outside my normal fabric palette.  Working around the pink issue brought me to a halt for quite some time.  The color configuration makes me think I’ve lost my mind (there are over twenty colorways of each of the three blocks in this quilt).  So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that figuring out how to piece it has been a challenge, to say the least.  I had my brain set on doing it in a way that does not work (geometry and I have been known to have knockdown dragout fights occasionally), and I had to convince myself that, yes, I can still do templates as opposed to rotary cutting, and be taught by some ladies on one of my online quilt communities that plenty of starch will help keep bias edges from stretching (I hate bias edges with a purple passion).  All of which I have done.  Now, at last, I’m on my way.  I’ve got a long way to go, but that’s okay, too.
So, what new beginnings have you got going these days?