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Snippet Sunday — from my short story Homesick

Homesick cover 300

The theme for this week’s snippets is autumn, given that the equinox is tomorrow.  My short story Homesick takes place at this time of year, so I thought it might be appropriate.

I just hope it’s not too confusing out of context!

Karin had fallen in love that day, for the second time in mere months.  The first, Will thought with satisfaction even after all these years, had been with him.  And that, he’d discovered soon after, was that.  Will found himself taken in by the darkhaired young scoundrel Jem, and party to Karin’s adoption of him as their own almost before he knew what happened.

And now here was Jem’s son, another five-year-old miscreant who had them wrapped around his little fingers.  At least Will’s father had never claimed the namesake he’d predicted Jem’s wife would bear was a time traveler.

My first Sunday Snippet

Welcome!  My first Sunday snippet is from my contemporary small-town romance homage to Shakespeare, entitled Much Ado in Montana.  If you would like to read the first chapter, click on the cover.


Anyway, enjoy!

Just as he was about pick her up, open the door, and carry her inside, even if it would have been the most idiotic thing he’d ever done, the inevitable happened. Tara saved him from his own stupidity by breaking the kiss. She lifted her hand from its warm clasp of his nape and stepped back out of his embrace. Tim braced himself, ready to withstand anything from tears to a slap.

He didn’t think he could be shocked any more than he had been in the last five minutes, but then she grinned sloppily at him and glanced down at the keys in his hand.

“What do you know? There’s my car keys. Silly me.” She turned to open the door. Reached out and hooked the keys from his limp hand with a finger. “‘Night.”

She vanished into the house, leaving Tim standing dumbfounded on the doorstep.