tortitude, lesson one

Don’t ever try to put a thermometer up Elli’s hind end unless she’s completely immobilized in a towel. We had our first vet visit today, and I have four scratches on my left arm and three scratches on my right hand to prove it. Elena just whined and took it like a lady. Elli — well, let’s just say she could have given Linnet lessons in how to initiate World War III. She went completely ballistic, then got away, ducked into the carrier, crawled into the back corner, and had to be poured out in order to finish the exam. Of course, I have to say that if someone stuck a thermometer up my rear end I’d be pretty annoyed, too…

On the bright side, everybody’s healthy except for a possible small case of worms (dewormer has been given) and being slightly skinny. Suggestions were given on how to tempt their little appetites (the problem isn’t enough food, it’s getting them to eat it). It is to be hoped that the dewormer will also have a positive effect in that direction.

I have learned more in the last hour about my new cats’ personalities than I have in the entire last three days.

One more thing. Elena sat in my lap for almost an hour straight last night while I was watching TV. Just climbed right up on her own initiative, cuddled in, and purred. She chirps when she purrs. It melted me into a puddle.