Welcome and why

It’s too trite to start a blog on New Year’s Day, but here I am, anyway.

I am fascinated with the possibilities of what if. The memories of a place that some people call ghosts, the mobius strip effect of time travel. You won’t find vampires or werewolves here. Or horror. I am more interested in the potential effects of the fantastic on actual history, and in inserting it into well-researched historical events, populated mostly by people who really lived.

My favorite period is the not-so-distant past of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and my favorite place, the one that draws me back over and over again, is Yellowstone National Park. Ten years ago, on a three-month cross-country adventure, I spent five days in Yellowstone, mostly wandering the geyser basins waiting for things to erupt. Watching my first-ever eruption of Grand Geyser, five lovely bursts 150-200 feet high, I suddenly thought, now wouldn’t that make a terrific time travel device. Apparently that’s simply the way my brain works. Chuck McManis, a young man for whom everything in 1959 has gone awry, wanders past the Grand just as an earthquake and eruption hit, and winds up in the middle of the fleeing Nez Perce Indians in 1877. Finding out who he really is and what he is supposed to be has to take second place to sheer survival.
I will have a website up soon with samples and synopses from my novels as well as information and research links and bibliographies. I intend to write here about writing, research, the museum certification program I am attending, and possibly even the occasional post about quilting or cats or geysers.
I hope you’ll want to stick around.